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Residential Demolition

We Are Committed to Setting the Highest Standard for Residential Demolition in Illinois.

If you’re a homeowner, general contractor, developer, or apartment community owner and are planning to demolish your house, home or residential structure, our demolition experience will help remove your structure in the most efficient and lowest cost manner.

JIMAX Demolition provides Residential demolition services with a focus on delivering a positive experience to each and every one of our clients. We pride ourselves on reliability, integrity, and clear communication at every step of your project.

From Blight to Beauty. Let us transform your headache into results.

Why choose JIMAX Demolition for your next demolition project?
• Perfect safety record with zero incidents since founding the company
• Fleet of owned equipment
• Highly trained and deeply experienced teams of operators and laborers
• Numerous positive testimonials

Our turnkey demolition process means we handle it all:
• Preparation, processing and issuance of demolition permits
• Utility disconnect services
• Structure demolition and debris removal
• Asbestos abatement and hazardous material remediation
Fulfillment of city or agency recycling requirements

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition fulfills the purpose of re-utilizing areas in ways that result in restoring values of properties used for buying and selling goods. Demolition of underperforming commercial buildings allows owners to recreate value of existing property.
Commercial demolition deals primarily with the tearing down of office buildings, retail establishments, and other commercial structures. This often means working in close proximity to other buildings, which requires highly precise demolition techniques. JIMAX Demolition is an industry leader in this type of demolition work.

Emergency Demolition

With over 80 after hour demolitions under our belt, JIMAX Demolition is central illinois leader for your emergency demolition services.

Emergency demolitions are one that most never will experience but if you do, JIMAX needs to be your first call. Sometimes, demolition services are urgent; you can’t wait until the next day for contractors to arrive. Extreme weather events, Fires, or explosions can damage structures and cause them to be unsafe for inhabitants or those nearby. Demolishing the building may be the only way to protect the area and its residents.

We know how time-sensitive this work can be. When you call us for emergency services, we’ll make sure to prioritize your project and arrange your appointment as soon as possible.

Trust the company that the City of Peoria has trusted to complete all of their emergency demolitions over the past 10 years.

Interior Demolition

The bones of your building might be in excellent shape, but that doesn’t mean the internals are. Floors get worn down and chipped away. Layouts that once seemed ideal may now get in the way of future plans and growth. Pipes, electrical, and sewage may need to be re-routed to accommodate renovations. All of this calls for interior demolition.

If you need to stay open during renovations, just ask. We will work with you to build a plan of attack.

Environmental Remediation Services

JIMAX has performed numerous projects involving the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials and other environmental hazards. We have worked in every type of setting with various degrees of difficulty. From single-family homes to high-rise office buildings, the JIMAX team can handle any size project in strict compliance with all applicable federal and local regulations.

Large-scale, costly asbestos removal projects are not always necessary and there are numerous optional procedures that can be implemented to ensure a safe environment. It is critical for each customer to understand the options available to meet both ethical and regulatory requirements regarding environmental hazards in their buildings.

JIMAX can evaluate your particular situation and offer the most practical cost-effective solutions to your problems.

If your plans include building demoltion, renovations, or remodeling, the sale of property, or if customers or employees are concerned about potential asbestos exposure, call JIMAX. We will be happy to discuss the best solutions available.

We partner with the licensed asbestos removal industry leaders. Our crews adhere to stringent setup, decontamination, and disposal procedures in line with all OSHA, EPA, Department of Transportation, and county-specific air quality district rules and regulations.

Crushing & Wood Grinding

Following with our mission of sustainablity, JIMAX Demolition believes that landfill diversion is one of the key pillars of a successful demolition projects. Concrete, metal, wood waste, and green waste is normally hauled to the landfill for disposal. We had an issue with that, and questioned why would we send this material to the landfill and make the already overloaded waste stream even more inundated.
Our solution was onsite and offsite recycling. Whether your project is a large brick or concrete building, parking lot, or small driveway, JIMAX is Accelerating sustainability in Central Illinois. Once this material is deemed clean of environmental hazards, we offer concrete, brick, and blacktop crushing, Tire shredding, and wood and green waste grinding. Let us turn your unwanted material into something useful again. Save money and do your part to minimize the impact of your demolition project on the enviornment.