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WYNCOL Trucking, a division of the JIMAX Group, is Central Illinois’ premier choice for all of your logistics needs. WYNCOL operates a diverse fleet of equipment to satisfy any of your project requirements. We are a family-owned and operated transport company that meets the supply needs of the construction and waste stream industry. For over 10 years, our customers have placed their confidence in our reliable team and exceptional customer service.


With a focus on the waste stream hauling, WYNCOL operates one of the largest downstate fleet of walking floor trailers. When you need mulch, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, or other loose material transported, look no further than WYNCOL trucking. The hydraulically driven moving floor gives ease to unloading. You don’t need to worry about unlevel site conditions and the risk of tipping trailers. Our top of the line fleet is maintained to ensure your project will be completed on time and on budget. By using our walking floor trailers for to haul your product we will be able streamline production, thus saving you money. Having hauled over 2million tons of debris, our experienced team is here to serve you.

In addition to our walking floor fleet, WYNCOL operates a fresh fleet of full frame dump trailers and equipment lowboys.  We can haul anything you may need moved. From sand to concrete to dozers, we can fill your logistical needs. Our construction service supplies the Central Illinois with pick-up and delivery of the gravel, sand, soil, and other materials used on building sites.

At WYNCOL Trucking, we are committed to serving both our customers, and the environment they live in. Our Walking floors also help ensure that our vehicles are able to haul more material at one time and our dump trailers were specifically built to maximize the legal weight limits of Illinois. This results in fewer trips, and less carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Go Green with WYNCOL.


Every driver is hand-picked to ensure the highest level of professionalism and dedication to your transportation needs. Our construction hauling service is always transparent in communication and offers customers a level of integrity unmatched in the industry.

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